Pressrelease PowerFolder: From start-up to market leader

Over 2 million users are working with PowerFolder. This makes the Sync- and Share-Software from Meerbusch near Düsseldorf in Germany the market leader in education. The success creates new jobs.

Düsseldorf. Over two million users, a constantly growing company and an increasing number of jobs. PowerFolder is a story of success. Since the start seven years ago, the Sync- and Share-Software became in Germany the market leader in education. In the state of Baden-Württemberg alone, about half a million students and employees of all higher education institutions are given the possibility to work with PowerFolder. Using the software they are able to save, share and synchronize documents like research results and term papers.

Among the customers of PowerFolder are some of the most prestigious Education- and Research-Organizations in Germany. These include the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), the University of Heidelberg as one of the oldest Universities of the country as well as the Max Planck Society.


PowerFolder has established and proved itself on the market with its years of experience, its service and flexibility. Users can not only edit their data at the university or at home on their PC, they can also use and share their documents on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. With PowerFolder all data remain on the own servers, therefore the Software is a real alternative to DropBox and other services.

The constantly growing number of users creates new jobs. The young team consistently counts on junior employees. In 2014 PowerFolder became training company. Two apprentices support the company’s IT-division. At PowerFolder they are not only learning to program, manage and develop computer systems, but also business basics.

Christian Sprajc, Founder and CEO of PowerFolder: “I am sure, the success story of PowerFolder continues. Ever new tapping-scandals show how important it is to maintain control over your data. With our Private-Cloud-Solutions users are always on the safe side.”

Whoever wants to try out the Software, has now the occasion to do it for free. PowerFolder offers a “Free Version” without time limitation. Up to five users can synchronize their data with each other. For more information visit this page.

Running the open source edition of PowerFolder


PowerFolder client is available as open source at GitHub and It can be run with the free edition of PowerFolder Server to setup your own private cloud for syncing and sharing files. The open source components of PowerFolder are released under GPL.

The following guide will explain how to setup the Open Source Client of PowerFolder and how to connect to a PowerFolder Server:

PowerFolder Service Pack 4 for Version 9 out now!

The next – stability first – release of PowerFolder Enterprise Sync and Share is waiting for you – minor bug fixes, several improvements and a new free version are ready for you now

The new PowerFolder Version 9 Service Pack 4 comes with:

  • Free version available for On-Premise / In-House installations
  • Support for UTF8 special characters in user names re-added
  • Easier setup of SSL
  • Improved support for clustered high availability scenarios
  • API improvements
  • Several optimizations
  • Various minor bug fixes


German Market Leader for Sync and Share in Education and Research at the Datacenter IaaS Workshop in Helsinki by CSC

On the 11th and 12th September 2014 PowerFolder was pleased to participate in the Datacenter Iaas Workshop in Helsinki, Finland hosted by CSC (IT-Center for Science) organized as part of GÉANT, the pan-European research and education network that interconnects Europe’s National Research and Education Networks (NRENs). Participants from all major NREN organizations came to together to discuss IT-solutions in an evolving, international research and education environment:

A wide range of cloud services is available. What kind of technology is behind these solutions? What is required to build own cloud? Is it worthwhile to build your own cloud or is joint procurement a better choice? What if the services are outsourced, how to ensure high quality of services? How can energy efficiency be ensured when capacity is obtained as a service? This workshop tries to find answers to the above questions.

PowerFolder, the market leader for file-sync and share solutions in education and research in Germany, presented its state-of-the art solution as it is in production at multiple datacenters around the globe including single large scale installations serving up to a half million users. You can find the presentation here:

A big thank you goes out to the team at CSC for such perfect organization.

You don’t know PowerFolder yet? and how it could be the Killer-App of your Datacenter-Service Portfolio? Watch the Video:

and the best news are: PowerFolder is available for free since last week!

It’s up and running in under 5 minutes.



  • Europe Network Map:


  • Interconnections map:



Safety and convenience: PowerFolder provides its customers their own private Cloud for Free!

Those who want to save their private or business related data in a cloud do this best on their own hardware.  PowerFolder offers all users a free On-Premise- / In-House-Version which can be installed on private server. This way you will create your own private sync and share cloud independent from external services.

Briefly summarized:

  • Free PowerFolder-cloud for your own server
  • Available  as On-Premise- / In-House-Cloud-Version
  • Up to 5 users have access to the cloud
  • No limit to registered devices
  • No size restriction for data storage device
  • Simple to setup and to manage
  • Easy to operate on the web-interface
  • Secured data transfer
  • Reliable and secured access to data from every Web-Browser
  • Interchange large files via link in mails or chats
  • Straight and fast data exchange between devices


How about your own secured cloud being installed to your private- or company-server?

Since all data is stored in your cloud it never leaves your system and can be managed by yourself at any given time. You keep control over all aspects and can administrate not only documents but also users.

Installing the PowerFolder on premise- / in-house-version is absolutely free for both, private user and for business purposes.

Your own sync- & share- cloud is installed on your existing hardware and presents access to five users, who have the pleasant option to connect to the new cloud with any device.  Appropriately there are free application for windows, mac and linux ready to be used. Additionally mobile apps functionality is also accessible for anyone.  The size and number of synchronized, shared and secured documents in your private cloud is not artificially limited –the purchased hardware by the customer alone presents a limit. In addition there are no limitations to the runtime of the Server, once you get it you can use it.

PowerFolder integrates itself into already existing IT(Active Directory / LDAP) and enables itself even in free version to be navigated by an extensive API .

Christian Sprajc, CEO: “PowerFolder exists since 2004 and was developed as an Open Source Project. Our solution is made in Germany and is therefore obliged to the high data protection standards/ privacy standards in Germany. Our software is extremely simple to manage/operate; therefore anyone is able to cope with our product.  In addition when exchanging large files there is a possibility to simply generate a link to the file, which then can be shared via mail or in chat.”

Should the free cloud-version reach the user limit, it is possible to expand it by additional users, make it highly available or even have it as a branded installation under your own brand. Furthermore paid support-package as well as enterprise features can be added to further enhance your private on-premise cloud.





PowerFolder offers special conditions for journalists.

The German company PowerFolder, specialized on enterprise sync- and share-solutions, offers journalists its proven cloud solution at extremely favorable conditions.

Meerbusch/Germany, 07-01-14 – More than 2 million users trust in PowerFolder, among them thousands of companies and more the 100 universities and research facilities. For example all universities in Baden-Wuerttemberg, the U.S. sensor-specialist and NASA/ESA-supplier Measurement Specialities Inc., the institutes of the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft and the Georg-August-University in Goettingen as well as many others more are customers of the IT-specialist from Meerbusch. But not only companies, research facilities and educational institutions, but also private users benefit from the proven cloud-solution from Germany. Therefore PowerFolder is offering journalists a cloud-package at extremely favorable conditions.

Special discount for journalists: 100 GB for one year for one euro
Journalists get – in the context of this special offer – the PowerFolder cloud with a data volume of 100 GB for one euro for one year . The regular price is 72 euro (annual billing) respectively 7,20 euro (monthly billing). The offer is valid for a single user running the clients at any number of devices. So access is not just possible by smartphone or tablet (with the Android/iOS-app) but also by web and computer (Windows / Mac / Linux). At the end of the year the special-offer-package neither has to be canceled nor will it be transformed automatically into a regular-price-subscription or automatically renewed. But there will be the chance to get the PowerFolder cloud-solution again at the special conditions.
To benefit from this special offer a valid press card is required. Alternatively web links, articles or imprints with the author’s name (not older than six months) can used as qualification.

The benefits of the PowerFolder enterprise sync- and share solution
Access to latest documents is possible from any device – files and folders are automatically synchronized. So all documents and texts – written at home or at the editorial office – are also available “on the road” and are always up to date. The folders of PowerFolder can also be quickly accessed as network-drive, so it’s no problem to save videos, photos, texts and audio-recordings produced outside quick and safe and make them available to others. Colleagues and editorial staff can be invited to selected folders, documents can be sent via email, chat or QR-Code – that makes collaboration more effective. The safety of the data is always guaranteed: PowerFolder is a European cloud of a German company – there are no servers in the United States of America. Data will be transferred and saved encrypted; they never leave the German legal system. Besides the automatic backup in the background, the built-in file- and version-archive makes sure that the data will always be available and not be lost even if a computer or a server drops out.

PowerFolder, headquartered in Meerbusch near Düsseldorf, develops and provides Sync- and Share- Solutions since 2007 for Business, Education- and Research-Organizations. The medium-size company serves thousands of customers worldwide, who prefer to keep their data in-house while profiting from the efficiency and comfort to access corporate data anywhere from any device.

PHONE: +49 2132 9797 298

New PowerFolder Mobile Apps for Apple and Android

New PowerFolder Mobile Apps for Apple and Android

Our new Mobile apps are available now in the Playstore and Appstore and come with the following new features:

  •  Search your documents
  • Directly save documents, photos from any other mobile app into your PowerFolder account
  • Share Files via QR code
  • Pincode Lock of the App
  • Improved notifications
  • Reworked more responsive interface



Use PowerFolder Mobile apps with our cloud or with your own server:

Get your Server Trial here

Service Pack 3 for PowerFolder Version 9

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Service Pack 3 for PowerFolder version 9

We just released the 3rd Service Pack  for PowerFolder version 9. The main focus of this release is improve the overall user experience. 

This time we focused on:

  • Improved setup for new users
  • Improved automatic setup with single sign on
  • Reworking the admin preferences
  • Making more features accessible for Admins via the webinterface
  • MSI installer for automatic deployment scenarios

To see a list of all improvements please take a look at our release notes for the Server and the Client

Please load images the new Powerfolder Client and PowerFolder Server

Heartbleed – What need Powerfolder users to do now?

PowerFolder was partially affected by the Heartbleed bug therefore it is highly recommended to take action to ensure that the access to your data remains protected. Our Team updated our cloud shortly after the problem became known. Still it is required that you take action.
Change your password

PowerFolder Cloud Users

Please go to enter your email and press recover password. Afterwards you will receive an email with a link to change your existing password.
Change your password


PowerFolder On-Premise Users

All admins of on-premise installations should do the same for their license account on
Change your password

And reactivate your Server with this Account and your new Password


In Case you used PowerFolder with a 3rd party webserver, please check if this webserver is using OpenSSL if so please update / patch this webserver and inform your users that they need to change their passwords. This check is especially required for Linux systems with an apache webserver which is handling the SSL.

In case you use a windows system with an SSL certificate integrated via PowerFolder itself you only will need to change the license account password, your on-premise users and data is not affected and the access to the data on your on-premise installation was not endangered.

More Information on the Heartbleed bug we recommend that you read this FAQ from CNET which covers all important questions:

Or check out this article on Wikipedia:

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