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  • Secure and easy Enterprise File Sync and Share in your company or in our European cloud
  • Free Demo for 30 days with up to 9999 users and 1 TB of storage in our European cloud or 2 servers in your company
  • Integrate it easily into your existing it-infrastructure, authentication systems and gain more control, with a secure permission system and central controls
  • Sync, share, backup and access your documents easily on any device in your own private cloud or in our managed cloud
  • Edit your documents online or work on your computer and sync&share them from any folder

Enterprise File Sync and Share in your company or in the cloud

Contact us today and discuss your scenario, Powerfolder is not only an Enterprise File Sync and Share solution (EFSS) within your company but can be used:

  • For document backup
  • As a FTP replacement
  • To distribute documents to customers, partners and colleagues
  • To exchange documents with internal and external users
  • To edit documents
  • As an infrastructure solution within your company
  • As an infrastructure solution between branches and companies
  • As a closed data exchange environment without external connection
  • Within other software solutions as an integrated part
  • As a platform for cloud service provider

Ask us for an online demonstration or try it yourself on-premise or in the cloud with our demo version.

Of course we also offer a free version, which you can find here.

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