I keep my information up to date and easily accessible wherever I go”

Business information need to be up to date and always in reach, so you can share, present or work with them whenever you need them. PowerFolder is the easy to use solution to do exactly that – Simple, reliable and efficient.

“I can easily collaborate with my customers and employees

Companies cooperate, but the difficulty is to have a common set of documents in the latest version, available for all involved companies, but in an protected environment. PowerFolder gives you this environment, and keeps the documents up to date to instantly have information right in your hand .

I keep full control over all my documents with central administration”

Sharing and syncing files with others and collaborate on documents makes working much easier and significant more efficient, it is equally important to not loose control over your documents – PowerFolder gives you the tools to keep control.

“I have to provide a reliable sync and share solution for my peers”

You rely on your documents and you need to have them right in your hands at any time and you cannot afford to do experiments when it comes to business information. Stability first – We keep this in mind in every step of our customer orientated development – so you can focus on your work.

“My IT told me how to utilize our existing IT infrastructure in a better way ” ( and save money)

You have invested into hardware and file servers? Generate more value from them by using them for your own private cloud. Without the need to change anything you can turn them into a sync and share solution and make file handling faster with minimum of maintenance and by that more cost efficient .

“I finally found a secure place for my documents in a Cloud”

You prefer to have a managed cloud service to store, sync and share your files? We have this ready for you, in any size you need, at a competitive price, protected by various security layers and the respective laws .

“Everybody talks about big data…but for the first time I can now send big files via email”

Stop worrying about the size of your email attachments. With PowerFolder you can include files and folders of any size as links into emails and messages , keep a clear overview , update and revoke them.    

“Our demands for a high dynamic global solution, to run our global business have been fulfilled”

You need a Scale-able solution for your documents? PowerFolder not only keeps the files in your own hands and protects them from unauthorized access, it also scales with your needs and can be run as a high available, load balanced and 7/24/365 sync and share solution.