Protect your files in the Cloud easily from Malware

With PowerFolder Cloud Malware Protect you actively keep dangers from all your devices. It scans files in your Folders for possible threats and removes them before they can reach your devices.  This gives you and others users you share your folders with the security that your File Sync is not spreading any risks.  PowerFolder partnered with Avira to make sure that your folders are protected from even the newest malware. You can use Cloud Malware Protect with any paid or Free PowerFolder cloud account.

Not a PowerFolder user yet ?

  • Protect your files in the Cloud
  • Remove threats before they reach any of your devices
  • Add an additional layer of security to protect your documents
  • Cloud Malware Protection provided by: Avira
  • Automatically scans your files managed by PowerFolder for malware
  • Use Cloud Maleware Portect with any free or paid PowerFolder Cloud account
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