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Maintenance work

Due to maintenance work to further improve performance, the accessibility of the PowerFolder Cloud may be occasionally restricted from 6:00 pm (17.9.) this evening until 7:00 am (18.9.) tomorrow morning. We ask for your understanding.

2020-09-17T14:49:41+02:00Thursday, September 17, 2020|

We continue to optimize our system!

Due to an upgrade to even more powerful hardware to further optimize the performance of our PowerFolder cloud, its availability may be affected until midday Thursday (16.4.). We are endeavouring to complete the work as quickly as possible and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

2020-04-15T11:31:15+02:00Wednesday, April 15, 2020|

We optimize our system!

Due to a move to more powerful hardware to further optimize the performance of our PowerFolder cloud, the accessibility of individual directories may be impaired for a short time. We try to finish the work as soon as possible and apologize for any inconvenience.

2020-02-10T23:21:51+01:00Tuesday, November 26, 2019|

PowerFolder 14 SP10 released


PowerFolder 14 celebrates a round birthday, because now the PowerFolder development team has released version SP10 – again with numerous improvements and some bugfixes. Thus, the developers of the more than ten years proven Content Collaboration Platform (CCP) from Düsseldorf maintain their monthly number of strokes.

As already in the PowerFolder version 14.9 of October, the focus of the sprint was again on the administration and federation functions, but also the handling via the web interface was improved. For example, the web upload speed has been increased or previous file versions can now be restored on the web. And finally, Dashboard and Server combine the memory information of all memories in the web interface. Other improvements include a federation timeout problem when logging in, the addition of Accessibility and Cookies Policy tabs in the Web footer, the calculation of the amount of data in the quota bar, and the last login information in the user account. Also, if the account is not yet activated, an activation email will now be resent during password recovery.

Fixes also included minor problems with uploading large files to encrypted folders and uploading many folders and files at […]

2020-02-10T23:21:51+01:00Thursday, November 21, 2019|

Additional maintenance

Due to additional maintenance required to optimize the performance of our cloud, a small portion of our servers is currently unavailable to some users. We therefore ask for your patience and understanding – thank you very much!

2020-02-10T23:21:51+01:00Tuesday, November 19, 2019|

Maintenance work on the cloud

In the course of the update to the now finished PowerFolder version 14.10 we are currently performing maintenance work on our cloud. Therefore it is from Thursday, the 14.11. to Friday, the 15.11. at times only limited or not attainable. We ask for your understanding.

2020-02-10T23:21:52+01:00Thursday, November 14, 2019|

PowerFolder 14.9.0 released

The PowerFolder development team has successfully completed the 18th Sprint; the Content Collaboration Platform (CCP), proven for more than ten years, has now reached version level 14.9.0. In addition to numerous small bug fixes, the focus this time was on improvements to some administration and federation functions.

The PowerFolder development team is gaining more and more momentum: The 18th Sprint – as a work section for implementing new product functionalities is also called – was the most productive in PowerFolder’s more than ten-year history; never before have improvements been implemented and bug fixes been ticked off.

Among other things, access to certain folders has been simplified in the administration functions, some federation functions have been optimized for operation in large scenarios, and trash can functions have been repaired.

In the “Bugfixes” section, minor problems and inconsistencies with special characters in subdirectories, downloading files larger than 2 GB, recovering multiple files simultaneously, and the password field on the upload page have been fixed.

PowerFolder has now reached the current version number 14.9.0.

2020-02-10T23:21:52+01:00Tuesday, October 22, 2019|

Expansion of our infrastructure

Together with our service partner Hetzner-Online, we are planning to expand our infrastructure. Due to the associated work, the PowerFolder cloud will be partially unavailable from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm on 10/15/2019. We ask for your understanding.

2020-02-10T23:21:53+01:00Saturday, October 12, 2019|

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