Those who want to save their private or business related data in a cloud do this best on their own hardware.  PowerFolder offers all users a free On-Premise- / In-House-Version which can be installed on private server. This way you will create your own private sync and share cloud independent from external services.

Briefly summarized:

  • Free PowerFolder-cloud for your own server
  • Available  as On-Premise- / In-House-Cloud-Version
  • Up to 5 users have access to the cloud
  • No limit to registered devices
  • No size restriction for data storage device
  • Simple to setup and to manage
  • Easy to operate on the web-interface
  • Secured data transfer
  • Reliable and secured access to data from every Web-Browser
  • Interchange large files via link in mails or chats
  • Straight and fast data exchange between devices


How about your own secured cloud being installed to your private- or company-server?

Since all data is stored in your cloud it never leaves your system and can be managed by yourself at any given time. You keep control over all aspects and can administrate not only documents but also users.

Installing the PowerFolder on premise- / in-house-version is absolutely free for both, private user and for business purposes.

Your own sync- & share- cloud is installed on your existing hardware and presents access to five users, who have the pleasant option to connect to the new cloud with any device.  Appropriately there are free application for windows, mac and linux ready to be used. Additionally mobile apps functionality is also accessible for anyone.  The size and number of synchronized, shared and secured documents in your private cloud is not artificially limited –the purchased hardware by the customer alone presents a limit. In addition there are no limitations to the runtime of the Server, once you get it you can use it.

PowerFolder integrates itself into already existing IT(Active Directory / LDAP) and enables itself even in free version to be navigated by an extensive API .

Christian Sprajc, CEO: “PowerFolder exists since 2004 and was developed as an Open Source Project. Our solution is made in Germany and is therefore obliged to the high data protection standards/ privacy standards in Germany. Our software is extremely simple to manage/operate; therefore anyone is able to cope with our product.  In addition when exchanging large files there is a possibility to simply generate a link to the file, which then can be shared via mail or in chat.”

Should the free cloud-version reach the user limit, it is possible to expand it by additional users, make it highly available or even have it as a branded installation under your own brand. Furthermore paid support-package as well as enterprise features can be added to further enhance your private on-premise cloud.