Collaborate on Documents with students and colleagues

Within learning groups, classes or research projects, a common base of data and a secure place to access and protect it is essential for a efficient collaboration. PowerFolders automatic sync and share solution removes many little tasks and creates space to focus on the important aspects of the work, while keeping all documents always up to date.


Distribute Learning Materials

To create a dynamic system to provide learning materials and information to students and research groups, depending on your class or group structure fairly easy with PowerFolder.As well it is an easy way to receive research documents from others.


Federated Radius and Shibboleth

Over the last years we have been working with a couple of universities and research institutions around the world in order to match our features with their requirements as a result PowerFolder can be easily integrated with existing authentication systems like Federated Radius and Shibboleth as well as various storage systems.



 Custom developments and constant improvements

We have a strong and vital connection to the European Research and Educational Community, and we listen carefully to the needs of our longtime partners, to make sure that we can meet their requirements and help them to develop the integrated on-premise solutions which enable them to build the educational and research clouds of tomorrow.

Special flatrate pricings for Educational and Research Institutions are available.