Over 2 million users are working with PowerFolder. This makes the Sync- and Share-Software from Meerbusch near Düsseldorf in Germany the market leader in education. The success creates new jobs.

Düsseldorf. Over two million users, a constantly growing company and an increasing number of jobs. PowerFolder is a story of success. Since the start seven years ago, the Sync- and Share-Software became in Germany the market leader in education. In the state of Baden-Württemberg alone, about half a million students and employees of all higher education institutions are given the possibility to work with PowerFolder. Using the software they are able to save, share and synchronize documents like research results and term papers.

Among the customers of PowerFolder are some of the most prestigious Education- and Research-Organizations in Germany. These include the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), the University of Heidelberg as one of the oldest Universities of the country as well as the Max Planck Society.


PowerFolder has established and proved itself on the market with its years of experience, its service and flexibility. Users can not only edit their data at the university or at home on their PC, they can also use and share their documents on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. With PowerFolder all data remain on the own servers, therefore the Software is a real alternative to DropBox and other services.

The constantly growing number of users creates new jobs. The young team consistently counts on junior employees. In 2014 PowerFolder became training company. Two apprentices support the company’s IT-division. At PowerFolder they are not only learning to program, manage and develop computer systems, but also business basics.

Christian Sprajc, Founder and CEO of PowerFolder: “I am sure, the success story of PowerFolder continues. Ever new tapping-scandals show how important it is to maintain control over your data. With our Private-Cloud-Solutions users are always on the safe side.”

Whoever wants to try out the Software, has now the occasion to do it for free. PowerFolder offers a “Free Version” without time limitation. Up to five users can synchronize their data with each other. For more information visit this page.