About PowerFolder

PowerFolder History

Since 2009 our company is providing consumers, small, medium and enterprise businesses as well as education and research facilities with cloud-based solutions to sync and share their documents.

PowerFolder is a privately owned German company which grew from a Open-Source Project to a successful medium sized company.

Initially we provided only desktop clients to synchronize each others folders based on a peer-to-peer technology core, but we also started to recognize very soon that companies require to have control over those clients and offer a central place to store the contents which are being exchanged in small clouds. That's where we started to develop a powerful server product, which allows users to store their data at the server side, which can connect to various storage backends, without loosing the ability for users to access their data easily and most important - safely.

Today we are one of the most well-known providers of on-premise sync and share cloud solutions and supply customers all over the world from small to medium up to enterprise level with our products, making the work life for admins and users easier.

Of course we also have several partners working with us, using our white-labelled solutions to sell our product under their own brand or as a classic reseller.

But there is more to come...as we've great customers not simply using our products, but also staying in touch with us, telling us their ideas and sharing their experience with us, we constantly improve our product using that input together with our own ideas.

PowerFolder itself is a brand of the dal33t GmbH - our official company name with offices in Meerbusch, Germany - close to Duesseldorf and Cologne.