Easy Sync and Share on any Device

Sync and Share documents with your employees and customers, easily, reliable and on any device. Ensure that everybody has access to the documents they need and that those documents are always up to date, so your team can work faster and more efficient independent from the fact that they are on a customers site or within your company.


The secure Sync and Share Enterprise Cloud / On-Premise Solution

Every company will benefit from a sync & share solution, but while some Companies prefer to have everything in their own hands some prefer to have an easy to use cloud solution. PowerFolder offers both options, a European cloud solution and an easy to run on-premise solution.


Central Administration for users, devices and storage

In the cloud or on your own server PowerFolder will give you not only the possibility to sync and share files easily, but it will give you also control over all related aspects, convenient in one central webinterface. So you can administrate your Folders files and documents centrally as well as your users, devices, storage and of course the permissions.


 Easy High Availability and Load Balancing

With PowerFolder it is possible to have your own private cloud on even a simple desktop computer, on your local File Server or on a rented Server with almost any operating system, plain and simple. But as cloud or on-premise solution you can always extend it with additional Servers and creating a scalable, load balanced and high available server cluster.


 Advanced Integration and Customization

Convenience with PowerFolder means not only to have an easy to use file sync solution, it also means that you have a solution that can be easily setup, maintained and integrated into your existing IT- Infrastructure and can be tailored to your needs, independent from the fact if you are setting up a new system or wish to use your exiting file server and file structure.


Advanced Setup Assistance  and scale-able Support

PowerFolder can be setup easily within a few minutes, but it also offers many advanced features up to a point where it can be used as an fully automated and integrated infrastructure solution behind other applications. For those more complex scenarios and in case you need any kind of Support, we have the right specialists.


Utilize what you already got

You have your Servers right in place and a professional team to maintain it, you have a clean file structure, and a well maintained Active Directory /LDAP and a state of the art Internet connection? You just add PowerFolder and utilize the investments you made into an Professional IT environment, provide new functions and improve workflows.


Tested, efficent and stable

PowerFolder comes with many features, but one special feature we provide is time. Time we take to harden out our Product, to make it stable before we release it. Time we invest in listening to our customers and their needs and time we invest into testing and reviewing our Product automatically, manually by our team and with external consultants.