Keep all your devices in sync and easily share documents with others

PowerFolder keeps all your devices automatically in Sync in any network, across multiple users. It ensures that you always have the latest documents right in your hand anywhere and on any device.

Send and Distribute documents and folders of any size, securely  to employees, customers and partners

With PowerFolder you can easily share your documents with others, independent from size, type or location. You   also  can send links to single files or even share complete directories within business network , while keeping all transfers encrypted and secure.

Adjust the level of Collaboration to your demands

Make the collaboration in your teams more efficient and enable your team members to easily work on information with your customers and partners . PowerFolder supports this in the cloud or on-premise to match your demands.

Automatically create a file archive and backup, to prevent data loss

There are many reasons why files can get lost, with PowerFolder you can always restore deleted files and previous versions of documents to ensure a continuous workflow. All files will be automatically secured as a backup in as many versions as you demand.


Centrally manage your permissions, devices and information

Business information needs protection, with PowerFolder you can control who has access to which document, and       with which permission. You can centrally configure devices, control the shares and remote wipe data.

Setup your own High Available, Load Balanced and Branded Sync and Share solution

Have your own collaboration suite branded to match your Cooperate Identity. Make it high available and integrate it seamlessly into your own It Infrastructure via LDAP/ Active Directory and API’s.