Easy document editing with PowerFolder and ONLYOFFICE

Last minute changes in you latest PowerPoint presentation, an updated version of your quotation new numbers for your quarterly report- whenever you need to change an office document you can now  do it your browser and the changes will be distributed securely and fast to your colleagues.

PowerFolder and ONLYOFFICE are making sure that your document editing capabilities are no longer depended on your location.  You can view, edit or create new Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents in any browser and share them securely, fast and automatically with those who need access. ONLYOFFICE is an integrated part of the PowerFolder Cloud and can be even deployed in-house for your private cloud so you can have the comfort of an online document editing solution without privacy concerns when it comes to important business documents.

ONLYOFFICE for PowerFolder – An easy to use document editing solution with a secure cloud.

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  • Work together in real-time with multiple users on one document
  • Create and edit Word documents directly in your browser
  • Create and edit Excel files in your browser and share them easily
  • Create and finalize PowerPoint documents and make them available online
  • Use full feature online-editors and for documents of all kind