We believe that when we use online services that our data is secure. This is true somehow, but somehow it is also an illusion.  How come that it can be both?

Well it depends what you are talking about when you are talking about security – most services are secure, when it comes to encryption to protect your data from attacks by criminals or hackers, or industrial espionage. That’s some nice development, and it gives you security, most services do give you a lot of features, to ensure that transfers are encrypted,access is password protected, users are securely identified to avoid man in the middle attacks  and the storages are protected from physicall or remote access.  Some services do  better at this some fail but you can always ask their support to find out, if they are secure enough for you. Ok so at this point a lot of services are secure, great your data is safe and for your eyes only, but why did i mention it is not?

Well a lot of services are located in the united states, and the united stats have a few funky laws which allow the government to acces almost any data. While in germany a judge needs to file a court order in a police investigation to get access to your data stored online in some other countries this is a quite automatic process. That is not a problem, because you do follow the laws, but non the less someone is reading (or at least has the possiblity to)