PowerFolder Client 5.6 released including free 2GB cloud space

We hope you had a fantastic start into 2012!

Today we are proud to present our new client version 5.6.
It comes with a lot improvements and a gift for all free users:
We doubled the data limit from 1 to 2 GB in the free edition of PowerFolder.

The changes of version 5.6 in detail:

Improvements/New features

  • Free edition can now sync up to 2 GB of data.
  • New skins: PowerFolder 2012 “Blue Globe” and “Storm”:

  • System tray icon: Shows a “OK” icons instead of “P” icon when the sync is ok.
  • PowerFolders base path will fall back to default if not available, e.g. network drive.
  • File browser shows better feedback messages if no files matches the search input.
  • Chat popups now show the message and have a reply button.
  • Improved and corrected LAN/VPN/Internet connection in complex network scenarios.
  • Program update dialog now clearly indicates that the update is for PowerFolder.
  • Activation by file not longer supported. Please always use online activation.
  • Directory chooser now shows drive names.
  • Debug log panel: CPU activity dump button added.
  • Folderlist: Not longer shows icons on mouse hover.


  • Security: Fixed bug, which causes the client to sync if not yet logged in.
  • Corrected handling of non-default paths of recommended folders.
  • Information section now correctly opens in multi screen environment.
  • It’s now possible to change the physical directory if it’s not accessible.
  • Mac: Minimize to system tray also hides the icon in the program bar.
  • Up- and downloads now break when files get excluded from sync.
  • Corrected several wizard texts.
  • Fixed UDT connection bug.