As dal33t GmbH, developer of the Content Collaboration Platform (CCP) PowerFolder, which has proven its worth for over ten years, has now announced, support for version 11 of PowerFolder will be discontinued as of September 2019. The current version is 14.5.0.

In the summer of 2016, version 11 of PowerFolder was launched and has been continuously improved since then. At the end of last year we made the big leap to version 14 with its numerous improvements. These include the complete new development and redesign of the user interface called “Picasso”, which takes user experience to a new level with a host of new features and improvements, the integrated D2D Connect solution for secure synchronization of data between mobile devices even with a weak Internet connection or the complete integration of PowerFolder into the operating system.

Since then, Version 14 has been continuously optimized and further adapted to user needs. Finally, version 14.5.0 was released at the end of June.

As of September this year, support for version 11 will be discontinued. From 01.09.2019 only security fixes will be released, but no more updates.

Hints and tips for a seamless upgrade to the current version 14.5 are available here (Windows) or here