Space.Cloud.Unit (SCU) is the next evolution in the cloud space market. With the world’s first cloud building kit, users can assemble their cloud according to their own wishes and needs. The blockchain project is being developed by File Sync & Share specialist dal33t, developers of the tried-and-tested PowerFolder solution.

Dusseldorf. April 19, 2018 – Anyone who currently uses storage space in the cloud almost always has to make compromises. Sometimes a part of the memory space remains unused, the contract is too long or there are services included that are not needed, but still have to be paid for – simply because they belong to the package. “You just can’t please everyone”, say the providers. Oh, really?

Yes, you can! With “Space.Cloud.Unit” (SCU) users can soon build their ideal, individually tailored cloud service, without having to sign up to inflexible bundled deals and to bind to a provider in the long term. Space.Cloud.Unit allows users to only pay for what they really need in terms of storage space, contract length, services and security standards – and not a single penny more. SCU will then make a first major step towards decentralisation of the previously rigid cloud market.


Blockchain makes it possible

At the heart of SCU is a marketplace that brings together cloud space providers and cloud space seekers. There, users can specify their requests for memory size, storage location / location of servers, time period and availability (maximum downtime). In turn, providers themselves submit appropriate offers there.

Enquiries and offers are then fully automatically matched and merged. Subsequently, a digital purchase and service contract (a “smart contract”) based on Blockchain technology is automatically closed in real time. In this, scope and availability are determined and provided with a payment; this is done in the cryptocurrency “SCU – Coins”, which is also generated on the blockchain.

For its part, the provider must provide technical proof that he has actually saved the data under the agreed conditions. If he is unable to do so, a contractual penalty previously filed on the Blockchain will automatically be due. For example, in the event of a server failure and the resulting temporary unavailability of the data, there are no lame excuses from an overburdened hotline, but an automatic repayment (or SCU coins) to the user.


Everyone wins with the Space.Cloud.Unit

For users, the Space.Cloud.Unit means greater flexibility through tailor-made conditions, more choice at a glance, simplification of search and contracting, data security through complete encryption and high decentralisation – and, of course, cost savings. They only pay for what they really need and get money back if there are any failures. But cloud providers also benefit, as SCU offers them an additional route to the usual channels to offer their services. Even IT service providers of all sizes can become cloud space providers in the SCU marketplace: simply make their own, unused storage available and earn money. Access to the Space.Cloud.Unit is also much easier in this regard than with the closed systems of large market vendors.

Finally, both sides ultimately benefit from the more than ten years of experience of dal33t / PowerFolder in the product development and implementation of cloud storage solutions, which are now incorporated into the Space.Cloud.Unit – which also saves development time and money. Furthermore, the connection of other open source software solutions, such as other cloud service providers, to Space.Cloud.Unit is planned. SCU – which was conceived as an open-source project – is not a hermetically sealed system, but open to all sides for growth, integration and cooperation. And that, too, ultimately benefits providers and users alike.


Financing via ICO is planned

The Space.Cloud.Unit will be funded through a multi-stage ICO, an initial coin offering, which will begin in the second half of 2018. In an ICO, unlike an IPO, where shares are sold for financing, self-generated tokens are offered that only have their value in the future product. If the project is successful, then the value of the tokens should also increase. So, if you invest early, you win. Blockchain ICOs generated $ 3.78 billion in revenue last year.


Supporters wanted

The young start-up team is currently looking for members of the Advisory Board, investors, interested parties, beta testers and other developers. Their commitment will be rewarded: they get access to the presale. More information on the SCU-website (, in the newsletter or via telegram.