Today we’re gonna outline PowerFolder’s sync features to save your precious time:

  • Delta-Sync: The client analyzes the file which is supposed to be transferred and compares the latest version with the previous version. Then it transfers only the changed parts.
  • Multi-Source download: The client can concurrently download file parts from multiple sources for a single file.
  • Compressed transfers: The client uses ZIP compression when sending data over the Internet.
  • High speed UDT protocol: The client is able to connect to other devices via the UDT network protocol. The UDT protocol is optimized for high speed data transfers.
  • Direct device to device transfer in LAN or Internet: The clients directly syncs with other clients over LAN and Internet.

These features make PowerFolder extreme handy in situations with poor or no Internet connection at all.

Get started with PowerFolder’s free edition now. More documentation can be found in our wiki.