Today we will give you an overview of the might of the centralized client administration using the web interface which is an integral component of the Enterprise Suite and optionally available via the Enterprise Addons for other Server Suites.

Administration of diverse deployments across multiple physical locations can often be a very challenging task for any administrator, hence the key functionality to reduce overhead is a central point of administration for clients.

This feature, present on the web interface of the server, allows the administrator to centrally manage deployed clients and actively push configurations and settings to remote clients:

  • In collaboration scenarios existing folders on the server can be selected and added into a config, which then can be pushed to the clients, so they immediately start synchronizing those folders on their end.
  • In client backup scenarios directories on the client, like for example Desktop, Favorites, My Documents and other local directories containing valuable data, can be synchronized automatically to the server, so with a regular usage of PowerFolder no data is lost in case of a hard-disk crash or theft of the laptop/desktop.
  • In server synchronization scenarios clients often run in a headless mode as a system service, where the central configuration make it possible to remotely setup folders.

Of course we not only offer to push configurations for folders, but also for client settings, which makes it possible to unify the behavior of the client across all computer in the network.

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