A scenario typical for our customers, many being multinational enterprises and large research and governmental facilities, is a combination of a very large number of users and huge dataset. This scenario, often coordinated across continents and multiple datacenters, will see a reduced administrative overhead and faster deployment cycle with this new release. We invite you to test the new Enhanced Cluster- and High Availability features of the PowerFolder Enterprise Suite for scale out deployments in this public beta.

Due to the developmental nature of this release we kindly ask you to refrain from using it in any form of production environment.

Screenshot of the management console: 

Download PowerFolder Server 7.5 Beta with Enhanced Cluster and High Availability Features:


Change notes will be made available shortly. We are also reworking our documentation section, which should be ready when this release reaches stable state (Version 8.0 “Enki”).

Please contact us for free setup and installation consulting during the beta:

  • Via contact form
  • Via phone: +1 (408) 844 4240 (US), +49 (0) 2132 97 92 290 (Europe and others)