Intelligence services are reading your data – popular companies like Facebook, Apple and Microsoft are affected as well as some major e-mail-providers and Skype. Even politicians have been spyed on. Is that unavoidable? No. Everyone who works with PowerFolder minimizes the risk of data-spying.

The scandal is named PRISM, a program US authorities are using for analyzing on millions of user data. Apple recently admitted that they received and processed up to 5.000 requests by the officials – during the last six months alone. Facebook had 10.000 requests, 31.000 Microsoft accounts are affected. Just irrelevant numbers? Unfortunately not!

Companies are also working with those providers. For example the CEO uses Skype for the video-conference with partners overseas. External workers send e-mails to development divisions. The CFO saves his appointments in his Apple device. The strategic plan for the expansion in Asia resides in the cloud. And even middle-sized businesses have to rely on many of those providers – and might give their data out of hand.
Who – however – sends, organizes, saves and updates his data with PowerFolder is not a victim of the PRISM. PowerFolder has no servers in the USA, uses no unencrypted data transfer, works behind it’s own firewall and independently of external systems.

The consequences of the PRISM-scandal: The commission of the European Union is concerned, European parliaments are putting PRISM on their agendas. The german MP Wolfgang Wieland (Grüne) is quoted in “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” (issue 2013/06/15) that it is a “spooky imagination“ that Americans are able to read along everything what is written, sent or posted in this country.

Another member of parliament, Hans-Peter Uhl (CSU), calls in the same newspaper:
“We must develop our own secure IT-Communication technology, no matter if German or European, so no American, and especially no Russian or Chinese intelligence agency can read along the communication of our state or our companies.”

This communication technology already exists! It is used by numerous German and European companies, research facilities, universities and even governments. It is a German software named PowerFolder.