Today we’ll present you the latest step of PowerFolder Sync, Share, Access and Backup solutions. We released Version 9 Service Pack 2 continuing the road of stability, usability and scalability.

This release contains the following main improvements and bugfixes:

1. Kerberos Single Sign-on for Windows Clients (Documentation). It has never been easier to deploy and maintain PowerFolder in an enterprise environment with many end-users. With the Kerberos login improvement end-users not longer need to separately enter their password at the PowerFolder client – it uses the current Windows account to login at PowerFolder Server :



2. Profiles to automatically configure a large number of clients by AD/LDAP group or IP address range. It’s now possible to set storage size (quota), additional permissions (change preferences, create new shares, etc.) and pre-configured paths to be backed up by the client based on Active Directory/LDAP groups:



3. Stability improvements for high available, load-balanced installations (Overview and installation documentation):



And many more. Read the full release notes of PowerFolder Server and PowerFolder Client.

Download PowerFolder Server and clients here