The PowerFolder team has finished the work on version 14 SP3 as planned and released the update for download. As in the first two version updates of PowerFolder 14, the developers focused on fixing minor bugs. 

Thanks to the lively exchange with the numerous PowerFolder users, the developers were again able to follow up suggestions and hints from the community and eliminate some minor inconsistencies in version 14.2. For example:

  • The upload via file links or form data works smoothly again.
  • Minor problems with uploading with directories with umlauts and spaces in the name have been fixed
  • The Drag & Drop Upload also works with special characters in Sub-Directories again without any problems.
  • The avatar can be changed again.
  • All open invitations are displayed in the Permission List again.
  • A new database can also be created again on MS SQL Servers 2012 and 2014.

In addition, some EDU/Federation-specific functionalities have been revised in close cooperation with relevant partners. PowerFolder 14 SP4 is planned for May.


New in version 14: Picasso, D2D Connect and more

One of the most important new features in version 14 is the completely new development and redesign of the user interface (“Picasso”), which not only looks much more appealing and modern, but also brings a lot of new features and improvements – such as the responsive design, the multi-select functionality for file operations or a new overview page for admins, which provides all important information at a glance.

Integrated into version 14, D2D Connect is also a solution that enables reliable and secure synchronization of data between mobile devices. For example, a company’s employees can use D2D Connect at trade fairs to securely exchange data, even if the network is overloaded there – or information is passed on by aid organisations in the event of a disaster or in areas without sufficientnetwork coverage. D2D Connect is currently only available for iOS devices; an Android version will be released later this year.

Other important new features of version 14 include the complete integration of PowerFolder into the operating system – and the resulting further increase in performance – as well as improvements in accessibility, document processing and drag & drop functionality.