Due to a hardware failure in our cluster system, we recently discovered some possibilities for improvements in our infrastructure as well as our server software. As you may have noticed, most of our infrastructure was available, but some services were not or only usable with limitations.

As failures are common, when it comes to IT, we used the opportunity to gain a benefit from this situation and added improved redundancy to PowerFolder Server internal routines and our infrastructure hardware to avoid longer downtimes in the future.

Now we can serve also our customers with that benefit, since the development of stronger failover routines have also been implemented into our server software, which is running in several enterprise-scale environments. Furthermore we are happy to serve you with our knowledge about automatic failover scenarios, to help you implement them also in your distributed, but at the same time centrally managed PowerFolder cluster environment.

In detail we added:

  • Automatic failover mechanisms, which result in improved availability for the registration & licensing service as well as database related transactions
  • New hardware for our PowerFolder Server cluster, to stand by in case of malfunction

If you are not yet a customer, but searching for a reliable, centrally managed and distributed data backup or collaboration solution, our sales team will be happy to introduce you to the advantages of a PowerFolder Server cluster.