In the course of the announced step-by-step rollout of Version 14 of the File Sync & Share solution PowerFolder, the new web interface of PowerFolder – which operates under the picturesque name “Picasso” – has gone online. PowerFolder users benefit from an increase in speed and comfort and many other new features.

One of the most important new features of PowerFolder version 14 is the complete redesign of the web portal called “Picasso”. Not only does it look much more responsive and modern, it also brings more speed and comfort – and a lot of new features and enhancements. For example, the responsive design ensures that Picasso’s graphic design adapts perfectly to the requirements of each device. A multi-select functionality has also been integrated: File operations such as “Copy”, “Cut” or “Paste” can then be executed on multiple files or file folders. Finally, for admins and resellers, Picasso offers a new overview page: The dashboard provides all important information at a glance, such as the licenses issued, the memory used, the utilization of the servers or the connected devices. The pre-release version of Picasso for on-premise customers is expected to be released by the end of August.


Feedback is requested

Despite the quality assurance, there may be small discrepancies. In that case, users will be asked to report any issues to support ( Screenshots, device information, the browser version and a process description of the discrepancies should be transmitted to the support if possible so that the requests can also be processed quickly.


D2D Connect

Another important component of the step-by-step rolled-out version 14 will be D2D Connect – a solution that enables reliable and secure synchronization of data between mobile devices. It originated from a cooperation of the dal33t GmbH with the “working group for technology of social networks” of the institute for computer science of the Heinrich Heine university Duesseldorf. With D2D Connect, for example, employees at a trade show can securely exchange data, even if the network is overloaded there, or data can be shared by relief organizations in the event of a disaster or in areas without network coverage.

A first executable version has already been released for Apple devices; For the moment, it only runs on the PowerFolder Productive Cloud ( The D2D Connect App can be downloaded for free from the App Store. (