First of all we like to wish everyone a happy new year! We’d like to thank all of our customers and partners for the fruitful and good co-operation in the past year, which helped us to greatly enhance our products.

Now the interesting part…a new year, a new version: PowerFolder 8

PowerFolder 8 now features a lot of new functions, which are improve the usage in small business up to enterprise-grade deployments:

  • High-availability and load-balancing clustering, including a Server Maintenance Mode to perform updates on cluster servers while other servers still serving users. Furthermore the servers of the clusters are now listed in the web interface including statistics.
  • Enhanced public link sharing for files and directories, including the possibility to set restrictions on the link (e.g. expiration date)
  • Re-designed wide-screen web interface providing a fresh, modern look

Smaller features worth mentioning:

  • Automatic log file rotation
  • Improved instant change detection on 64-bit Linux systems
  • Improved web interface texts/translations
  • Possibility to define a storage path during folder creation in the web
  • Reduced CPU usage and load on hosts and databases
  • Shibboleth authentication (first draft/beta)

Read the full changelog here.

Interested in high-availability and load-balancing?

Of course high-availability and load-balancing not only requires our software to fully support those scenarios, but also the underlying technologies, like the database and storage systems. Of course we offer more information on this as well as consultancy services to assist you setting up such a solution. As a first start we recommend to read our clustering information wiki page. To dive more deeply into the topic, please contact us. We will be glad to assist you.

Interested in trying our our solution?

Of course we offer trial licenses to check out technologies offered by us and get a first impression on them. Request a trial license here. To get quickly started, take a look on our detailed server documentation.