The new PowerFolder file synchronization client “Luna” is ready to be installed on your computer. Like never before we have been supported by our customers and worked long and hard to deliver your the best and most easy PowerFolder experience you ever had. The most important changes are:

New Features

  • Brand new simplified user interface. PowerFolder now starts in “Compact mode”, which shows the most important information only. An “Expert mode” still offers detailed information.
  • Drastically reduced memory usage (60% reduction in average) and reduced CPU usage. No additional Java runtime required anymore.
  • Copy file link to clipboard feature added. Right click any file in Windows-Explorer to grab a link to that file, which can be send e.g. via instant messenger or social networks.
  • Pause mode with human adaptive behavior: PowerFolder keeps silent as long as you work or for a certain amount of time, e.g. 5 minutes, 1 hour, forever.
  • Many more features. Check them out!


  • Drag and drop support for new directory to be shared. Simply drop a directory onto the new PowerFolder user interface to backup, sync or share it.
  • Local file changes get reverted if user lacks sufficient permissions or is backup target. Reverted files are moved into the file archive on the local computer.
  • Most important functions are now available directly from system tray menu.


  • Now correctly detects computers in subnetwork with actual (non private) IP address.
  • Fixes several update bugs, e.g. corrected upgrade in background.

Full release notes   Download PowerFolder 6.0 “Luna”