The PowerFolder development team has successfully completed the 18th Sprint; the Content Collaboration Platform (CCP), proven for more than ten years, has now reached version level 14.9.0. In addition to numerous small bug fixes, the focus this time was on improvements to some administration and federation functions.

The PowerFolder development team is gaining more and more momentum: The 18th Sprint – as a work section for implementing new product functionalities is also called – was the most productive in PowerFolder’s more than ten-year history; never before have improvements been implemented and bug fixes been ticked off.

Among other things, access to certain folders has been simplified in the administration functions, some federation functions have been optimized for operation in large scenarios, and trash can functions have been repaired.

In the “Bugfixes” section, minor problems and inconsistencies with special characters in subdirectories, downloading files larger than 2 GB, recovering multiple files simultaneously, and the password field on the upload page have been fixed.

PowerFolder has now reached the current version number 14.9.0.