As you may already know we released major versions and hotfix versions to those major releases of our inhouse cloud file sharing products in the past. We now decided to change this release strategy as well as the release cycles to improve quality assurance as well as visibility of new features, changes and bugfixes.

Introducing new release cycles

The new strategy will now feature major releases and service packs to those major releases:

– Major Releases: Release every 4-6 months, including new major features.
– Service Packs: Release every 2-3 months, including improvements and bugfixes.

Both release types will be thoroughly tested by our quality assurance and made available to the public, including documentation and announcements via our customer mailing lists and blog. The new strategy will allow you to follow new releases more easily as they are not coming in short periods and without notification anymore, having more time to deal with your daily work instead of your private cloud. It will also help to allow our QA engineers to test new functionality and changes more deeply.

Introducing the Early Access Program (EAP)

The Early Access Program (EAP) will allow customers, who ordered a custom feature or waiting for a certain feature, to access them before the public release. Those releases will be tested by our quality assurance as well and introduced to the public in one of the above mentioned releases later on. This will allow us to gather feedback from our customers and continue to further improve new features in coordination with them to reach the best possible result and user experience.

The EAP doesn’t offer an open registration, therefore please contact us to get access.