Dear Customers,

it was a long way to go, but now we finished migrating all our documentation about our sync and share clients and file cloud web, from our old wiki system to our new documentation platform. As a new central point of entry to our synchronization client, cloud web and server documentation you can now use:

While doing that, we not only shifted content, but also reworked a lot of content, making it easier to read and understand. Furthermore it has been updated to match our latest releases. We recommend system administrators to let your users know about that, since it will greatly help them to use our solution and even discover possibilities, they have never known about before, e.g. running the client as a system service, restoring previous file versions using the file archive, sharing files and directories via linkscheduling synchronization, and more

In the next days and weeks we will also shift the remaining knowledge base content, which was yet another system, to that new platform, so every piece of documentation about our sync and share clients and servers can be found at one place.

If you have any comments or if you are missing certain pieces of documentation, let us know by contacting our support department.