PowerFolder was partially affected by the Heartbleed bug therefore it is highly recommended to take action to ensure that the access to your data remains protected. Our Team updated our cloud shortly after the problem became known. Still it is required that you take action.
Change your password

PowerFolder Cloud Users

Please go to my.powerfolder.com enter your email and press recover password. Afterwards you will receive an email with a link to change your existing password.
Change your password


PowerFolder On-Premise Users

All admins of on-premise installations should do the same for their license account on my.powerfolder.com
Change your password

And reactivate your Server with this Account and your new Password


In Case you used PowerFolder with a 3rd party webserver, please check if this webserver is using OpenSSL if so please update / patch this webserver and inform your users that they need to change their passwords. This check is especially required for Linux systems with an apache webserver which is handling the SSL.

In case you use a windows system with an SSL certificate integrated via PowerFolder itself you only will need to change the license account password, your on-premise users and data is not affected and the access to the data on your on-premise installation was not endangered.

More Information on the Heartbleed bug we recommend that you read this FAQ from CNET which covers all important questions:


Or check out this article on Wikipedia: