File sync and share to improve collaboration and your productivity

  • Work locally – access globally from any device at any location.
  • Sync documents automatically across your devices.
  • Share files with others as a link or automatically.
  • Send files of any size directly from outlook.
  • Give access to files and folders from your mobile device or computer.
  • Automatically update shared documents and links.
  • Automatically have the latest documents in your hands anywhere you go.
  • Have a secure and easy to use dropbox and FTP replacement.

Powerfolder file sync ensures that you have your latest documents always in your hands. Independent where you are, which device you are using and what document of which size you need, you have it always with you, always in the latest version. And of course you can easily share your files and folders, so while you travel to your customer, your team can work on your presentation and you will have it updated right in time when you arrive.

collaborate easily on any device
Enterprise Scenarios

Collaborate on files and folders easily

  • Collaborate with multiple users on one document simultaneously
  • Work at any document and sync and share only the changed parts
  • Save your files anywhere on your computer and sync them with others
  • Use the build in web editor for office documents
  • Work together with others in a shared workspace and control permissions
  • Keep previous versions of your documents and deleted files
  • Mark files which are currently in use and see sync status in your file system

With PowerFolder collaboration becomes easy, in many ways. You can send files of any size to customers and colleagues, work together on one document or edit with your local software while the changes are send over fast, efficient  and automatically to your project partners from your device.  “Can you send me the latest version of…?” A question you will never ask again with PowerFolder.

private cloud or cloud collaboration anywhere
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Access, distribute and collect documents securely

Sync share backup or collaborate on any device
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  • Automatically distribute documents to partners and customers
  • Automatically collect the latest documents from your teams on the road
  • Receive updated versions of existing files directly on any device
  • Have branded solution to strengthen your brand to your customers
  • Distribute project data to your customers without an ftp
  • Send files of any size directly from your email client to multiple recipients
  • View documents directly in your browser (Powerpoint/Word/Excel/PDF/Video)
  • Create new users within your organisation and create groups of users

Get the latest report from your partner? It is already on your local device. Distribute the latest marketing materials to hundreds of customers? Copy it into your distribution folder on your computer. Send a 4 GB CAD file to your project partner? Drop it into outlook and send the e-mail or invite him to any local directory.   Powerfolder enhanced the way you handle and access documents but does not force you to change the way you work.

Backup, file versioning and data protection

 cloud or private cloud syncing and sharing for any device
Benefits for your IT
  • Protect your files with an build in automatic backup
  • Access previous file versions and deleted documents
  • Have a configurable automatic, continuous or scheduled backup
  • Backup files from any computer or mobile device
  • Protect files and documents with a granular permission system
  • Password protected access to files, folders and links
  • Limit the number of downloads for certain documents
  • Encrypted file transfers and document access

The customer liked the previous version more…anyone still has it? With Powerfolder Backup and File Versioning it is just a click away. Powerfolder keeps your previous file versions and makes deleted files restorable. And as a side effect it provides a configurable real time backup and remote deletion features, with no extra fees and not extra effort but with a significant improvement in security.

File sync and share solutions for your industry

Synchronisation and sharing for small companies

The easy file sync solution, for your company or at home. Keep your documents privately in our European cloud. Comfortably collaborate and share files from mobile devices and computers.

Solutions for small companies
Enterprise and medium sized companies

Operate your own private cloud within your company and enable your employees to work more efficient, while your documents remain in your enterprise.

Collaboration solutions for Enterprise
Collaboration for IT Partner and White-lable

Sell a brand-able, low maintenance, multi-client, multi-tenant file sync, share and backup solutions to your customers. On-Premise on your own private cloud or directly from the public cloud

Collaboration solutions for Partners
Collaboration in Universities and Research

Create a sync, share and collaboration private cloud for your university or research institute, enable your users and students to exchange important data securely in a protected space

Private Cloud in Universities and research
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PowerFolder File Sync and Share for your business is created by European developers in Germany. The PowerFolder Cloud is hosted and operated in Germany – exclusively under German and European law. Our Cloud and Private Cloud Products are under regular internal and external security review.