Many European users are worried to use a Cloud for their private and corporate data – Since those documents are stored somewhere in the world. The strict European and German data-protection laws are not applicable in those scenarios. PowerFolder offer two solutions for users which need or want to consider those facts.

A On-Premise Solution which can be installed as a cloud completely on your own infrastructure within your company, organization or private computers to ensure that not even meta data is stored outside your company.

And an easy to use Cloud solution which is located in Germany and run exclusively under German and European Law. This Cloud solution just got updated and offers in the full version 1TB of storage per user. This amount of storage allows users to store about 1 million documents securely in the cloud.

The cloud Scenario is especially for smaller installation the most convenient way, setup is completed within minutes and documents in any folder can be kept in sync and protected by a backup across Computers, Tablets and Smartphones.

From today: 1 TB Storage per user

The PowerFolder Cloud just received and update and with each full cloud version now comes 10x the storage / user for only 9.90 Euro per month. The offer is valid for single- and Multi-user subscriptions. With this offer a 10 user subscription comes with 10 TB of document- and file-storage. Unaffected by this changes is the free version which remains at 5 GB or unlimited with up to 5 users if used On-premise with an own server.

With PowerFolder it is possible to store documents securely in the cloud, edit documents within the webinterface, share documents of any size via a link and Sync & Backup any folders on your computer, to ensure that you can keep your local directory structure while keeping all documents up to date between devices and users.