PowerFolder and Zyncro are offering a corporate communication system to enhance collaboration among its employees.


Meerbusch/Barcelona, 06.03.2014 – From now on the German IT-Specialist PowerFolder and the Social Software Provider Zyncro are offering a Cloud-Solution, which connects synchronizing and sharing of documents with the benefits of Enterprise and Private Social Networks. This new Solution is addressed at those enterprises that want to allow easier communication, streamline tasks & workflows management, facilitate teamwork, provide a transparent view of processes and make their employees more productive and efficient.


PowerFolder offers enterprises a safe alternative to Cloud -Services like Dropbox, Google Drive or SkyDrive. The software allows users the safe sharing and synchronizing („Sync & Share“) of data and documents on all stationary or mobile devices, while the files stay automatically up to date. The use of the Zyncro-Software allows enterprises to communicate within safe and closed environments and help organizations to maximize their potential through the use of social technology applied to a business environment, resulting in a direct impact on the final results, all this by participating the employees and including their ideas and proposals in the processes.


Combination of DropBox- and Facebook-Features
Through the connection with PowerFolder relevant documents can be easily directly included in discussions and project meetings with a few mouse clicks. The data is always on- and offline accessible on all devices. All modifications made can be visualized. The complete data exchange takes place in a safe On-Premise-Environment, while no files will leave the enterprise server.  Alternatively, contracting enterprises might consider to host the solution safely by PowerFolder in a German data center.

“With this combined offer we merge the functionality of a cloud storage like DropBox with the features of social networks like Facebook. We apply the safety requirements and the expectations of small and medium-sized enterprises“, explains                    Christian Sprajc, Founder and CEO of PowerFolder. Luis Font, CEO of Zyncro, comments: „We are glad that our solution addresses corporate requirements by the cooperation with PowerFolder even better. “ Christian Sprajc sees the alliance with Zyncro as another milestone of the partner strategy: „We trust on the experience of Zyncro, an enterprise with offices in more than 30 countries, and rely on a joint distribution. To develop PowerFolder continuously and to maintain our steady growth, we will look for additional partnerships in the coming years”.


About PowerFolder

Since 2007 PowerFolder with its office in Meerbusch near Duesseldorf, develops and distributes Sync&Share-Solutions for companies, research and education facilities. The medium-sized company serves thousands of customers worldwide, who want preferably to keep their data on their own IT-infrastructure and meanwhile benefit from the productivity and the comfort, to access it always from all devices. The software-solution PowerFolder is distributed and marketed by the dal33t GmbH.
More Information: www.powerfolder.com


About Zyncro

Zyncro is one of the leading social software vendors on the current international technology scene. It is the most flexible Social Business Platform, bringing organizations a new way to work: collaboration, communication & innovation. Zyncro was created in Barcelona just under 3 years ago and now has a presence in 30 countries, has over 250,000 users and 500 corporate clients.  It is also an award-winning company, a proud winner of 13 business awards which are a recognition of the work of an entire team in the development of an idea, its’ execution in the form of a solid product and a useful solution for enterprises.

More information: www.zyncro.com



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