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PowerFolder Version 14.3 released

The PowerFolder team has finished the work on version 14 SP3 as planned and released the update for download. As in the first two version updates of PowerFolder 14, the developers focused on fixing minor bugs. 

Thanks to the lively exchange with the numerous PowerFolder users, the developers were again able to follow up suggestions and hints from the community and eliminate some minor inconsistencies in version 14.2. For example:

  • The upload via file links or form data works smoothly again.
  • Minor problems with uploading with directories with umlauts and spaces in the name have been fixed
  • The Drag & Drop Upload also works with special characters in Sub-Directories again without any problems.
  • The avatar can be changed again.
  • All open invitations are displayed in the Permission List again.
  • A new database can also be created again on MS SQL Servers 2012 and 2014.

In addition, some EDU/Federation-specific functionalities have been revised in close cooperation with relevant partners. PowerFolder 14 SP4 is planned for May.


New in version 14: Picasso, D2D Connect and more

One of the most important new features in version 14 is the completely new development and redesign of the user

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Critical vulnerability discovered and closed in PowerFolder Server 11.x

Yesterday, Wednesday, we were alerted to a critical vulnerability in the PowerFolder server, which we analyzed and closed during the day.

The gap only affects PowerFolder Server 11.x. PowerFolder Server 14.x is not affected.

Normal user accounts or external attackers without a user account cannot exploit the gap. However, we strongly recommend an update to version 11.7.711, which we have just released. The download link and further information can be found here.

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PowerFolder agrees partnership with Collabora

Duesseldorf’s dal33t GmbH, developer of the proven File Sync & Share solution PowerFolder, has entered into a partner agreement with the British specialist for online document processing, Collabora. This will give PowerFolder users another way – in addition to OnlyOffice – to work online on their documents, presentations and spreadsheets.

Dusseldorf / Cambridge, December 2018 – From the spring of 2016, PowerFolder – the first German Sync & Share solution – offered an integrated online document processing system with OnlyOffice. With the conclusion of a partner agreement with the British developer Collabora, PowerFolder users will soon be able to choose whether to edit their documents, presentations and spreadsheets with OnlyOffice or with Collabora Online. The technical implementation of the integration of Collabora Online into PowerFolder is currently racing ahead.


Safe and comfortable working with Collabora Online

With Collabora Online, documents can be edited directly in the cloud, without the cumbersome effort of having to download them or an Office program having to be started. Collabora Online runs with all current browsers, without any need for additional plugins. It works with all common office formats, such as odt / docx / doc, ods / xlsx

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Space.Cloud.Unit: Developers and other cloud service partners wanted

Work on the Space.Cloud.Unit (SCU) project is progressing rapidly. At the end of last year, the team had started to build the world’s first blockchain-based marketplace for cloud storage, which will be funded through an ICO. On October 1st, the public pre-sale will start. Of course, the SCU managers are already thinking ahead and are therefore looking for additional developers and other cloud service partners in order to be able to also maintain the high impact rate in the planning, development and implementation of the SCU project in the future.

Duesseldorf, 25.09.2018 – The idea for Space.Cloud.Unit was born in 2017, in a small group, in the head office of dal33t GmbH, a company that, with its File Sync & Share solution “PowerFolder”, has been providing a proven product for over ten years. The idea for Space.Cloud.Unit was roughly sketched, checked for its feasibility and approved. More than 20 additional employees were gradually brought in to implement the project – crypto specialists, blockchain specialists, marketing artists, smart contract designers, ICO connoisseurs, IT lawyers, financial jugglers and many more. The implementation and help of such experienced companies as Blockchain Solutions, Kloepfel Digital or the

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PowerFolder: Picasso is online

In the course of the announced step-by-step rollout of Version 14 of the File Sync & Share solution PowerFolder, the new web interface of PowerFolder – which operates under the picturesque name “Picasso” – has gone online. PowerFolder users benefit from an increase in speed and comfort and many other new features.

One of the most important new features of PowerFolder version 14 is the complete redesign of the web portal called “Picasso”. Not only does it look much more responsive and modern, it also brings more speed and comfort – and a lot of new features and enhancements. For example, the responsive design ensures that Picasso’s graphic design adapts perfectly to the requirements of each device. A multi-select functionality has also been integrated: File operations such as “Copy”, “Cut” or “Paste” can then be executed on multiple files or file folders. Finally, for admins and resellers, Picasso offers a new overview page: The dashboard provides all important information at a glance, such as the licenses issued, the memory used, the utilization of the servers or the connected devices. The pre-release version of Picasso for on-premise customers is expected to be released by the end of August.


Feedback is requested

Despite the

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PowerFolder: Moving to new servers and extension to IPv6

Currently, the PowerFolder cloud is migrating to new, larger and more powerful servers. Therefore, there may be short-term restrictions on service until May 27th. In addition, the PowerFolder cloud is now accessible via IPv6.

Due to the strong increase in user numbers in recent years, Düsseldorf-based dal33t GmbH, developer of the File Sync & Share solution PowerFolder, has now begun with the move of the PowerFolder cloud to new, larger server at data center operator Hetzner Online from Nuremberg. With the near doubling of storage capacity and the faster processors of the new servers, the PowerFolder cloud is well prepared for the future. As a result of the move – which will be completed by May 25 – there may be short-term cloud accessibility issues; but these will only take a few minutes each.


PowerFolder cloud now available via IPv6

For a long time, the basis for any data exchange and communication on the Internet was the Internet Protocol “IPv4”. In purely mathematical terms, this means that four billion Internet addresses can be allocated – which seemed to be sufficient just over 30 years ago, when this standard was developed. In the meantime, however, the pool of addresses has been completely used up,

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