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Space.Cloud.Unit: PowerFolder is revolutionizing the cloud market with Blockchain!

Space.Cloud.Unit (SCU) is the next evolution in the cloud space market. With the world’s first cloud building kit, users can assemble their cloud according to their own wishes and needs. The blockchain project is being developed by File Sync & Share specialist dal33t, developers of the tried-and-tested PowerFolder solution.

Dusseldorf. April 19, 2018 – Anyone who currently uses storage space in the cloud almost always has to make compromises. Sometimes a part of the memory space remains unused, the contract is too long or there are services included that are not needed, but still have to be paid for – simply because they belong to the package. “You just can’t please everyone”, say the providers. Oh, really?

Yes, you can! With “Space.Cloud.Unit” (SCU) users can soon build their ideal, individually tailored cloud service, without having to sign up to inflexible bundled deals and to bind to a provider in the long term. Space.Cloud.Unit allows users to only pay for what they really need in terms of storage space, contract length, services and security standards – and not a single penny more. SCU will then make a first major step towards decentralisation of the previously rigid cloud market.


Blockchain makes it possible

At the

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Dal33t / PowerFolder and Dell agree distribution partnership

Dal33t GmbH, developer of the proven file sync and share solution PowerFolder, and Dell EMC to cooperate in the areas of public authorities, healthcare, research and education.

Dusseldorf, March 20, 2018 – Due to increased demand for collaboration tools and proven solutions for the secure exchange of files and documents, dal33t / PowerFolder and Dell EMC have entered into a distribution partnership. The aim is to jointly offer future-proof, automated IT solutions for data storage and data transfer. The partnership will initially be limited to Germany and is aimed primarily at federal and state authorities, local authorities, as well as organisations in the healthcare, research, teaching and education sectors.

With dal33t / PowerFolder, Dell EMC has chosen the leading provider of file sync and share solutions for research and education in the German market. In addition to thousands of private sector companies, PowerFolder users include more than 100 German universities across six federal states, research institutes such as the German Cancer Research Center or the Helmholtz Center for Infection Research, as well as various state agencies. One of the key benefits of PowerFolder is that the solution meets the stringent requirements of German and European data protection laws. dal33t / PowerFolder and

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PowerFolder launches survey

What features do the customers miss? What can be improved? Because even with the best product there is still room for improvement, dal33t GmbH has started a survey on their File Sync & Share solution PowerFolder. Among the participants will be giving away 5x a terabyte of cloud storage for one year.

Düsseldorf, 09.03.2018 ‑ In order to be able to better consider the wishes and suggestions of its users in the further development of the File Sync & Share solution PowerFolder, Düsseldorf-based dal33t GmbH has launched several small surveys on its website. On topics such as “Mobile Apps”, “Collaboration”, “Usability”, “Security” and “Administration”, users can use short multiple-choice questionnaires to choose which new features they would like to see in PowerFolder in the future. The answer takes only a few minutes; a terabyte of cloud storage with a one-year term will be raffled off five times among the participants. Dal33t-CEO Christian Sprajc: „The survey is designed to help us synchronize PowerFolder development priorities with what our users want and to better tailor our product to the multiple practice needs of our customers.“

The survey, which runs until the end of March, can be found at the following link: Participants in

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PowerFolder to unpack a surprise at CS3

Dusseldorf-based dal33t GmbH, developer of the file sync&share solution PowerFolder, has announced that it will be uncovering a surprise at the “Workshop on Cloud Services for Synchronisation and Sharing” (CS3), which takes place from 29th to 31st January 2018 in Krakow, Poland.

The “Cloud Services for Synchronisation and Sharing Conference” (CS3) is taking place for the fourth time and this year, after Geneva (2014), Zurich (2016) and Amsterdam (2017), Krakow was chosen as the venue for the neutral platform for the manufacturer-independent exchange of ideas and information. The numerous workshops of the three-day event will include presentations and discussions about file sync&share solutions and concepts, as well as their improvements and users’ practical experiences. There will also be a special focus on scientific and technical applications and environments.

On the second day of the event, dal33t’s CEO, Christian Sprajc, will present his innovative concept of a “Blockchain powered Open-Source Cloud-Space Marketplace”, which is currently being developed under the title “Space.Cloud.Unit”. The 20-minute talk will take place on January 30th at 4.35 pm in the AGH Computer Science Building D-17. Details of this exciting topic will soon be made available via the relevant press and media channels.

Link to CS3:

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PowerFolder 11.3 now available for download

Upgrade now to the newest PowerFolder Version

Today we made the third Service Pack for PowerFolder Version 11 publicly available. As always the new Service Pack improves security, performance and stability, but does not contain major features. Beyond that this Service Pack also lays the foundation for many great things to come in the next major version, for example extended connectivity to many other services (OpenCloudMesh) and advanced encryption .

To ensure that your PowerFolder installation remains as reliable and secure as you are used to, please make sure that you update your servers and clients as soon as possible. Download Clients and Servers Download the new iOS app Download the new Android app

Among the improvements in 11.3 are:

  • Mount external WebDAV shares as server storage path
  • Zero downtime data-migration of servers
  • Mounting folders as drives now works with Shibboleth
  • Introduction of webhooks for file operations and access (beta)
  • Reduced CPU load
  • Improved multi-tenant and reseller support
  • File versioning during document editing
  • Multiple video upload from the mobile app
  • Improved API
  • Improved WebDAV support

Also with this release we have fixed several bugs, among those:

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Scheduled maintenance on our public cloud

In the time between 19.00 CET  and 19.00 CET dureing the night from 20.04.2017 to 21.04.2017. We perform hardware testing and hardware extension on parts of our public cloud. In this time it is possible that some user will be temporarily not able to access their data. We ask for your understanding and patience. Users of Private Cloud installations will be not affected.

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Treffen Sie PowerFolder auf der 3. Cloud Dienste Konferenz für Synchronisation und Sharing (CS3) in Amsterdam

Jedes Jahr versammeln sich Vertreter führender europäischer Forschungeinrichtungen zu einer der wichtigsten Konferenzen zum Thema Daten-Synchronisation und Datenaustausch. Diese Woche findet diese Konferenz, unter dem Titel  “3rd Cloud Services for Synchronisation and Sharing (CS3) Conference”, in Amsterdam statt.

Veranstalter der Konferenz ist, neben ETH, AARNet und SURFsara, vor allem eine der größten pan­eu­ro­pä­ischen Forschungsorganisationen – das CERN. Das Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire betreibt nicht nur einen der größten jemals gebauten Teilchen-Beschleuniger, sondern zeichnet, ganz nebenbei, auch mitverantwortlich ist für die Entwicklung des World Wide Webs, wie wir es heute kennen. Für die Forscher haben sich Datenaustausch und Forschung  immer schon gegenseitig bedingt, und so unterstützt das CERN, durch die “CS3”, auch heute wieder Zusammenarbeit und Datenaustausch in der Forschung. Das Volle Programm und weitere Informationen zu der Konferenz finden Sie: hier Als Teil des Konferenz wird, wie alle anderen Größen der Branche auch, PowerFolder mit einem Vortrag vertreten sein. Gründer und Geschäftsführer Christian Sprajc wird am Mittwoch um 10.40 die Initiative “” vorstellen und im Anschluss für Fragen zur Verfügung stehen.


Wir freuen uns auf viele interessante Themen und Gespräche rund um das Thema Sync und Share. Gerne vereinbaren wir auch, im Rahmen der Veranstaltung, Einzeltermine mit Ihnen und besprechen

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PowerFolder 11 Service Pack 2 is available now

We hope that 2017 will become a happy and interesting year for you. It will be for sure for us, many new and great PowerFolder features will arrive and improve the way you are working and collaborating on Documents in the next few major versions. Right now we released our Version 11 Service Pack 2 is, this is a stability and bug fix release as well as a first step towards our next major version. For security reasons It is recommended to keep your PowerFolder Installations always up to date. You can get the new Version here: Download Clients & Server You will find the release notes for the Server here And the release notes for the clients can be found here As always Updates are free for all users and available for paying customers and the free version.

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PowerFolder Version 11 Service Pack 1 now available

Version 11 Service Pack 1 is now available for you   

Hello again, we would like to inform you about our newest and first Service Pack release for PowerFolder Version 11. As always our Service Packs are focusing on stability, security and performance improvements. So it is recommended to use them, to make sure that your systems remains up to date. Download PowerFolder Version 11 Service Pack 1


  • (Beta) Embedded encryption of files at rest at backend
  • PowerFolder now also supports Dutch
  • Multiple transfer streams in LAN and for WAN
  • Improved performance and API
  • Improved migrations and updates 
  • Several minor improvements


  • Fixed Microsoft visual C++ runtime library Runtime Error in clients 
  • Fixed merge accounts by email if having the same prefix
  • Fixed SQL errors when updating from version 10 SP5 to 10 SP6 or 11 Tesla
  • Several minor bugfixes
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