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PowerFolder 11 EAP – Join the Federation

Version 11 of PowerFolder is coming closer with huge steps and we have the first of two planed EAP versions ready for interested users.

IMPORTANT!: EAP versions are NOT for usage in productive environments

Get the EAP Version for Windows
Get the EAP Version for Linux
Documentation for federated clouds (EAP 11 version)

In the current Version (EAP1) the following features are available:

1. Federated Server
The possibility to connect multiple independent PowerFolder services. Learn more

2. Reseller Organisations
It is now possible for specified non-admin user to create and manage own organisations 

In the next Version (EAP2) the following features will become available:

1. Full Federation 

2. Integrated encrypted storage

3. Many more improvements 

Both versions are NOT intended for usage in productive environments, they simply are supposed to give users the possibility to get an impression of version 11 of PowerFolder and provide feedback.

For switchers: PowerFolder is offering a special deal for ownCloud users

now switch from owncloud to powerfolder sync and share

The company dal33t GmbH, the firm behind PowerFolder, is offering a deal that makes the switch for ownCloud users that want to move to its German Sync & Share service even more attractive: just half price for the first year. To take advantage of this superb offer, anyone wishing to make the move simply has to produce evidence of an existing ownCloud user agreement.

Owing to the events of recent days, concerned ownCloud users can now take advantage of a special offer when they switch to the German Sync & Share provider PowerFolder: For the first year, they will only have to pay half the usual price.  Customers from the EDU sector can even convert an existing ownCloud license for the first year entirely for free. In both cases, a currently valid ownCloud user agreement simply has to be informally shown to PowerFolder by the end of June 2016. Anyone who registers by emailing contact (-at-)powerfolder.com now can secure the conditions if they take up the offer by the end of the year.

As one of the very first Sync & Share solutions and with nine years of proven performance in the market, PowerFolder has shown itself to be a leader in its field. Profitable from the outset – thanks to a sustainable and stable business model – it has grown steadily. Today, it serves over two million users, more than 900 – partially spectacular – corporate clients and more than 100 universities at home and abroad, all of whom know they can rely on PowerFolder. Christian Sprajc, CEO of the family-run dal33t GmbH, the company behind PowerFolder said, “We are very proud of having built up PowerFolder into a leading brand in the IT industry. With PowerFolder, you get a tried and tested European Sync & Share solution that is ‘Made in Germany’, and that you can firmly rely on in the future”. A fully functional, 30-day trial version is available at www.powerfolder.com.

Start with our free demo

About PowerFolder

The German company dal33t GmbH, based in Meerbusch, near Dusseldorf, has been successfully developing and offering file Sync & Share solutions under the brand name PowerFolder since 2007. Its range of products includes both public, as well as integrated private cloud solutions (EFSS) as individualised on-site services. Over two million users worldwide, most of Germany’s universities and thousands of companies use PowerFolder. PowerFolder users can access their files from anywhere and edit and share them together – also on mobile devices, via the PowerFolder app. Security is the absolute top priority: data is always encrypted and stored according to German data protection regulations on servers located in Germany. PowerFolder is supported by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and has gained the official “IT Security Made in Germany” seal of approval.

Reminder: Please keep your PowerFolder up to date

Dear customers we would like to remind you that it is important to keep you clients and Servers up to date and follow our newsletter.


Our Developers are working together with external security experts, our products are under regular review and we are aiming to permanently improve the security of our solutions.

But naturally those improvements can only protect you if you keep your servers, clients and mobile apps up to date.

The Latest version currently is Version 10.5  and it can be found here

Download Clients and Server

Users  with branded clients will find the latest skins and clients in their according distribution folders at release date of a new version.

E-mail attachments of any size- directly from Outlook with the PowerFolder Outlook Add-in

Is the presentation to big? Is there enough space to attach another image? How can I send the video to my Colleague? You know this questions, if you are communicating a lot with your colleagues via e-mail.  The Solution is PowerFolder and now it is easier than ever and directly from your Outlook

With the PowerFolder Outlook Add-in you can send large files directly from your Outlook, without any need to change the way you are working. Drop the large files into Outlook, write your text and press send. Everything else is done in the Background by PowerFolder.

At the same time the Outlook Add-in increases the security of your data exchange, because Files are always send encrypted, can be protected by passwords or limit with an expire date or a maximum download limit.

And if you want to know how easy life with unlimited file attachments in your email can be:

Install the Free PowerFolder Outlook Add-in now

ONLYOFFICE: PowerFolder with Document Editors in the Cloud

After a long test period PowerFolder – as the only German provider of cloud and Sync & Share solutions – offers now an integrated web-based document editor. For this purpose, the company from Meerbusch has integrated parts of the proven ONLYOFFICE.

Meerbusch, April 20, 2016 – After a year of intense beta testing PowerFolder has completed the integration of the Document Server of ONLYOFFICE into its proven Sync & Share solution. From now on users can edit their documents, spreadsheets and presentations stored in the PowerFolder cloud, without having to leave the PowerFolder interface and start an external office software. Thanks to this feature – that PowerFolder offers as the  only German Sync&Share solution – the work with PowerFolder has become more comfortable.  After a thorough evaluation, PowerFolder chose ONLYOFFICE because of its great compatibility with existing Office products.

PowerFolder more comfortable with ONLYOFFICE

With PowerFolder, the last version of user documents is automatically saved in the cloud and is available from anywhere, anytime; not only for the users themselves, but also for all authorized colleagues, employees or students that have access to the relevant directory. Due to the recently integrated ONLYOFFICE Document Server it is now possible to edit documents directly in the cloud. Simply click the relevant document, spreadsheet or presentation and ONLYOFFICE starts within PowerFolder; a separate installation on the user device is not required. Very useful: multiple users can edit a document online simultaneously from different locations, each author’s changes are always shown in a different color. The integrated comment and chat features make cooperation easier. PowerFolder including on-premise solution offers the support for the latest version of ONLYOFFICE Document Server with all its advantages since version 10.5.


ONLYOFFICE (formerly Teamlab Office) is a multifeatured online office suite for business collaboration, document and project management. It includes an online office application for working within a browser allowing to edit and comment text documents, spreadsheets and presentations in real time. All major file formats are supported, including Microsoft Office formats. The online office application is integrated with CRM system, a project management toolset, and an email server.  ONLYOFFICE started out in 2009 and has been translated into 21 languages.


About PowerFolder

The German company dal33t GmbH based in Meerbusch near Duesseldorf successfully develops and distributes its File Sync & Share Solution PowerFolder since 2007. The offer ranges from public, private and hybrid cloud solutions (EFSS). With high individualization options it optimally addresses customer needs. More than two million users worldwide, thousands of companies and most of the German universities use PowerFolder. PowerFolder users can access organization files from anywhere, collaboratively edit and share them with internal and external users – on any device. Safety and security is the top priority. The data is always encrypted and stored according to German data protection regulations on German servers or on premise. PowerFolder is promoted by the Federal Ministry of Economics and has been awarded the seal “IT Security Made in Germany”.

DNDi: PowerFolder increases investment in E-Health

PowerFolder deepens its – since 2014 existing – cooperation with the Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi) and donated additional PowerFolder licenses to the non-profit-organization, which fights neglected diseases. Pascal Carpentier, Head of Information Systems and Technology of DNDi: „We are very satisfied with PowerFolder and are excited to plan new applications.“

Meerbusch/Geneva, 06.04.2016 – The German company dal33t GmbH from Meerbusch, which is specialized in Sync & Share Solutions, donated an additional set of PowerFolder Enterprise licenses to the Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi). Thus, the since 2014 existing cooperation of the cloud specialist with the non-profit organization from the healthcare sector will be further expanded. The additional licenses are rapidly needed by DNDi, especially for new studies in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), to add more clinical sites and staff.

The fight against neglected diseases needs a reliable Sync & Share Solution

DNDi develops safe, effective, and – most importantly – affordable drugs for neglected diseases. These include sleeping sickness, Chagas disease, leishmaniasis, paediatric HIV, filaria diseases, mycetoma, and hepatitis C. A billion people worldwide – including 500 million children – are suffering from these diseases, that are responsible for 90 percent of the global burden of disease although the pharmaceutical market invests worldwide just more than ten percent of its research effort in this field.
DNDi operates globally through a number of private and public partnerships in more than 40 countries – including 50 public research centres and 20 pharmaceutical and biotech companies. DNDi supports health staff and doctors at several clinical research facilities with treatments and diagnostic tools.
Pascal Carpentier, DNDi Head of Information Systems and Technologies: „We use PowerFolder to collect microscope videos and photos taken in our hospitals in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to find possible indications of an infection with the sleeping sickness“. It often involves large amounts of data, which must be sent as soon as possible, in a safe and especially reliable way. For Pascal Carpentier, PowerFolder is the best solution. „Our network is based on satellite links. PowerFolder – with its compression and block-transfer – allows us an extremely safe and cost-effective data transmission. Due to the high sensitivity of the patient data only a private cloud solution is possible. We are very pleased with PowerFolder. In future we will also plan to use it in Africa and Latin America.“


About DNDi

The Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi) was established in Geneva in 2003 by renowned research and health organizations such as Doctors Without Borders (MSF) or the Institut Pasteur. The organization is active in research and development of affordable drugs for neglected diseases through partnerships with the public and private sectors (universities, research institutes, pharmaceutical companies, etc). DNDi aims to improve the quality of life and health of people suffering from these diseases – by an alternative model for drug development and by ensuring equal access to new and adapted therapies to patients in need. DNDi is funded by governments, private foundations, and individual donors.


About PowerFolder

The German company dal33t GmbH based in Meerbusch near Duesseldorf successfully develops and distributes its File Sync & Share Solution PowerFolder since 2007. The offer ranges from public, private and hybrid cloud solutions (EFSS). With high individualization options it optimally address customer needs. More than two million users worldwide, thousands of companies and most of the German universities use PowerFolder. PowerFolder users can access organization files from anywhere, collaborately edit them and share them with internal and external users – on any device. Safety and security is the top priority. The data is always encrypted and stored according to German data protection regulations on German servers or on premise. PowerFolder is promoted by the Federal Ministry of Economics and has been awarded the seal “IT Security Made in Germany”.

DNDi needs your support to be more successful – think what you can do: http://www.dndi.org/

Visit the ConhIT – Europe‘s leading event for Health-IT in Berlin and connect with PowerFolder at the stand of EMC

PowerFolder offers enterprise File Sync and Share solutions, which are available as On-Premise E-Health solutions which integrate easily with the Storage solutions of our Partner EMC. With our reliable Products you can create secure data rooms, even across Companies, to boost your collaboration and simplify data exchange.

Would you like to learn more about our Products? Join us at the conhIT in Berlin from  April the 19th to April the 21th 2016 at the EMC stand D-103 in hall 2.2

If you are looking for innovative and future-proof data solutions for your company stand D-103 will be worth a visit. Together with EMC storage systems and PowerFolder, you will find the system house Profi AG, Vodafone, Brocade Network solutions and the IT service Provider DimensionData. So at one Stand you will find everything you need create a secure, reliable, interconnected and scale-able solution to bring collaboration, data-exchange and -security to the next level, of course perfectly tailored to your needs.

make an appointment and get your free tickets

Since we can only provide a limited amount of tickets so it is first come first serve

We are looking forward to your visit

Your PowerFolder Team

Italian cloud service provider, Factor-y, signs deal with PowerFolder to provide a secure ‘sync-and-share’ solution in Italy

Factor-y integrates PowerFolder as a component of its cloud integration services

We have signed a deal with Factor-y, an Italian Cloud Service Provider headquartered in Mariano Comense, to integrate our software under a white label model for its channel network in Italy.

Under the agreement, Factor-y’s team of engineers will integrate our solution as part of its enterprise cloud service offerings, labeled and marketed as StarFolder in Italy: https://www.starfolder.it

Today we would like to inform you that it might be an option for you to receive our solution and additional services delivered by our partner Factor-y.

In this case we are happy to set up a contact between you and our partner.

Please get back to us if we should transfer your contact details to Factor-y.

We are also happy to provide you with information and answers regarding any questions and demands you might have. Feel free to get back to me.

The partnership with Factor-y is one more important step for us offering our solution and services on a worldwide level. You can find more information about Factor-y on their webpage: http://www.factor-y.com/it/homepage

StarFolder Homepage

A Happy New Year and welcome to PowerFolder 2016

Dear PowerFolder User,

2016 has arrived and we hope you had a great, enjoyable and successful start into this new business year.

With our new, bigger and better team we would like to send our best wishes and will go straight into the development of our Enterprise File Sync and Share Solution.

We have gathered your requests in the past year and have carefully crafted our development roadmap for 2016 and we will gradually reveal what we have ready for you.

Thank you for the trust you placed in us.  We are looking forward to present you the new versions in the months to come and give you the best possible File Sync and Share Solution for your company or institute.

PowerFolder 10.4 – Security at the next level

Our Service Packs are about improving at this time we focused on security, together with specialists we analysed our Solutions and added new security improvements which are beyond the standard.

Among those are:


But we also optimized the performance and stability especially in large scale clustered environments and made groups now available for every user.

With Version 10 Servicepack 4 we created a solid foundation for our next major release and we recommend to install the latest PowerFolder Version which is available for you here:

Download PowerFolder 10 Servicepack 4

In the case you wish to learn more about the improvements and bugfixes we added in version 10 Servicepack 4  our full release notes can be found here:

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