Replace Windows Live Sync with PowerFolder – The Sync & Share Alternative!

Dear readers,

we have received a lot requests if PowerFolder works as replacement for Microsoft Live Sync.

The answer is: YES

Many users already had good experiences after switching from Live Sync to PowerFolder.
PowerFolder provides the same functionality as Windows Live Sync and will run on all Window versions (XP+), Mac and Linux.
PowerFolder also provides a permission system to restrict the access level (read, write, admin) of certain users to folders.

If you like to try PowerFolder Pro – we offer a 20 days full moneys back guarantee.
The Gold edition may be run on up to 5 of your computers:
and includes 50 GB cloud space.

More users can be added with this edition:

For teams with 5 or more people we recommend to take a look at our PowerFolder Server products.

As Windows Live Sync user we would like to offer you 10% off with the coupon: LIVESYNC

Happy migrating 🙂

Your PowerFolder Team