Running the open source edition of PowerFolder


PowerFolder client is available as open source at GitHub and It can be run with the free edition of PowerFolder Server to setup your own private cloud for syncing and sharing files. The open source components of PowerFolder are released under GPL.

The following guide will explain how to setup the Open Source Client of PowerFolder and how to connect to a PowerFolder Server:

45000 Students in Luxemburg learn by using PowerFolder

45000 Students in Luxemburg learn by using PowerFolder

All students and teachers in Luxemburg will soon use software from Meerbusch, Germany. Corresponding orders were signed between the Centre de technologie de l’éducation (CTE) of the Ministry of Education Luxemburg with PowerFolder.

A gradual rollout of the software to all 45000 students and 12000 teachers is planned for Q1 2012. Teachers and students will be able to save all their data in a joint cloud-environment. Despite PowerFolder being German, all data remains in Luxemburg on the IT-infrastructure of the CTE, maintaining full control and sovereignty of all data.

Read full press release (EN)
German press release (DE)

PowerFolder YouTube channel with guides, file sync tips and tricks

We just started our PowerFolder YouTube channel!

Currently it contains a set of introduction and documentation videos about our PowerFolder Server product. Later we’ll continue to add video guides about the client app, the web portal and other tips and tricks of interest.

So lets get started:

Get your demo of PowerFolder Server here and watch the installation guide:

Server setup and installation

For in depth information we also recommend our wiki.

More videos

Have a great day.

Replace Windows Live Sync with PowerFolder – The Sync & Share Alternative!

Dear readers,

we have received a lot requests if PowerFolder works as replacement for Microsoft Live Sync.

The answer is: YES

Many users already had good experiences after switching from Live Sync to PowerFolder.
PowerFolder provides the same functionality as Windows Live Sync and will run on all Window versions (XP+), Mac and Linux.
PowerFolder also provides a permission system to restrict the access level (read, write, admin) of certain users to folders.

If you like to try PowerFolder Pro – we offer a 20 days full moneys back guarantee.
The Gold edition may be run on up to 5 of your computers:
and includes 50 GB cloud space.

More users can be added with this edition:

For teams with 5 or more people we recommend to take a look at our PowerFolder Server products.

As Windows Live Sync user we would like to offer you 10% off with the coupon: LIVESYNC

Happy migrating 🙂

Your PowerFolder Team

PowerFolder Pro 4.5: Upgrade your sync and share app to the latest version

In the dawn of the new year 2011 we released the new PowerFolder Pro version 4.5 (download) with many improvements, bugfixes and simplifications:

New features

  • Sync and shutdown. Right click the PowerFolder tray icon to start it.


  • Mass delete detection warnings are now preserved on restart.
  • Folders tab now shows the local target directory for each folder.
  • Several internal security improvements.
  • Simplified downloads/uploads cleanup slider.
  • Removed several unclear warnings dialogs.
  • Default excluded “ithmb” files (iPod Photo temporary files).
  • Parallel uploads to other computers is not longer limited to 10.
  • Several internal changes in preparation of PowerFolder Server 2.2:


  • Fixed connection bug with more than 500.000 files on a single folder.
  • Ignore patterns are not longer reset when changing the local directory.
  • File browser filter setting “Unsynchronized files” does not longer show files, that are excluded from sync.
  • File browser correctly updates view when restoring whole subdirectories.
  • Warning about not unsynchronized folders now shows the correct number of days.
  • Fixed a problem when filename starts with “/” (slash).

PowerFolder Server 2.1: Corporate File Sync & Share and Dropbox replacement

Ttoday we would like to celebrate the release of PowerFolder Server 2.1 – the corporate sync, share and backup private cloud solution – comes with a total rework of the web file access portal, an extremely simplified setup and hundreds of new features and improvements such as:

Download PowerFolder Server 2.1

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