PowerFolder Pro 4.5: Upgrade your sync and share app to the latest version

In the dawn of the new year 2011 we released the new PowerFolder Pro version 4.5 (download) with many improvements, bugfixes and simplifications:

New features

  • Sync and shutdown. Right click the PowerFolder tray icon to start it.


  • Mass delete detection warnings are now preserved on restart. https://www.powerfolder.com/wiki/Mass_delete_protection
  • Folders tab now shows the local target directory for each folder.
  • Several internal security improvements.
  • Simplified downloads/uploads cleanup slider.
  • Removed several unclear warnings dialogs.
  • Default excluded “ithmb” files (iPod Photo temporary files).
  • Parallel uploads to other computers is not longer limited to 10.
  • Several internal changes in preparation of PowerFolder Server 2.2: https://www.powerfolder.com/wiki/Server_Overview


  • Fixed connection bug with more than 500.000 files on a single folder.
  • Ignore patterns are not longer reset when changing the local directory.
  • File browser filter setting “Unsynchronized files” does not longer show files, that are excluded from sync.
  • File browser correctly updates view when restoring whole subdirectories.
  • Warning about not unsynchronized folders now shows the correct number of days.
  • Fixed a problem when filename starts with “/” (slash).