You know the problem: You write an e-mail and you would like to attach some files, but when you try to send the e-mail you realize it will be too big. Or you send some Documents to a customer and wonder why you never get a response, only to find out that he never got the email due to size restrictions. The PowerFolder Outlook Add-in solves these problems.

You write the e-mail drop any files of any size into your e-mail and press send. That’s all you need to do and in the background PowerFolder Outlook Add-in is uploading the files encrypted and attaches a link to the files to the e-mail.  This way you can even send large video or graphic files via Outlook – all file size restrictions are removed.  For the recipient the download is securely encrypted as well and you can define how long the files are available for download and if they are password protected.

Enhance your e-mail and bring it to a new level of convenience and security with the PowerFolder Outlook Add-in.

  • Send large files directly from outlook without any extra steps
  • Protect your e-mail attachments with passwords and encrypt transfers
  • Define how long attachments remain available for the recipient
  • Keep your attachments available online
  • Use the PowerFolder Outlook Add-in with our public or private cloud solutions
Große Dateien als E-mail versenden

More information about the usage of the add-in can be found here